Maximize Training Impact with effective planning. 

Bridge skills gaps and connect learning to business results with a Performance-led Learning Roadmap. Our learning roadmap is designed to strategically plan learning initiatives that enhance employee skills and drive overall business success.

Increase performance with a Learning Roadmap to:

  • Identify and close skills gaps
  • Achieve measurable results
  • Saves Money on External Training
  • Keeps Your Best People Around

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Ineffective Training is costing you

Companies can waste an average of $13,500 per employee annually on ineffective training. We are your partner to save time and get better results when investing in Learning and Development Trainers, Tools, and Consultants. An effective plan and team can get you the return on investment you want.
Performance suffers
Competing Priorities
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What's a Learning Roadmap?

A personalized and strategic framework designed to enhance your team's skills and knowledge. Our roadmap aligns with your specific goals and organizational needs, setting clear milestones and timelines for development. How it helps:

Better Planning

Provides a plan of action to ensure trainings are relevant and impactful before taking action.

Better Training

Equips you to choose the right training consultant and content to meet your needs.

Better Spending

Saves you thousands on costly training and ensures learning initiatives yield desired results. 

Better Results

Tackles post-training application and behavioral changes to ensure your team can benefit long term.

How it works

The roadmap process ranges between 2-4 weeks depending on your learning goals.

Stakeholder Goal Setting

We’ll meet with your key stakeholders and leadership to set goals for learning. 

Team Assessment

We’ll survey your team to gather insights from frontline employees.  

Learning Analysis

We’ll synthesize assessment data and current business systems to begin crafting your roadmap.

Roadmap's Ready!

Get better results with your personalized learning roadmap.
Manageroo has an expert for everything: from DEI specialists to programmers to management coaches. We leaned on them heavily during the pandemic and experienced unprecedented growth in every strategic area.
Alexandria Harris
Alexandria Harris | President, Andrew Goodman Foundation

What makes our customers

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Expert Guidance

We are your Strategic Partner in planning the best learning courses, trainings, policies and practices for your team.

Hassle-free Planning

We manage all aspects of assessing your team and planning the best learning experiences.

Quality Reporting

No need to wonder if you are making an impact, we provide reporting on the survey results from your team.

Responsive Support

We'll be available to help after the roadmap with questions and support to match to the right learning vendors for training and course creation. 

Two simple ways to access your roadmap

Standard Roadmap 

Craft a tailored learning roadmap with key stakeholder insights and a comprehensive staff survey.
  • Expert led staff skill survey
  • 60- Minute Stakeholder Learning Goals Meeting
  • Comprehensive Learning Plan to share with Staff and Stakeholders
  • guidance on Implementing Roadmap

Live Roadmap Creation

Collaboratively shape your learning roadmap in a dynamic, hands-on workshop with stakeholders and staff.
Everything in Standard Roadmap Plus:
  • 2.5 hrs. Live Workshop Planning
  • Design Thinking Brainstorming Activities
  • Generate Concrete Learning Ideas as a team
  • Comprehensive Learning Plan delivered after the event
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