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10- Point Learning & Development Checklist

This checklist for Small Business HR Teams covers the 10 most critical components to build an effective Learning Program, so you can attract and retain top talent.

It's all the principles we've used to deliver learning at scale across high-performing L&D programs in tech, nonprofits, and other small businesses.
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We believe in L&D for all

"Nearly 50% of small businesses state they struggle to provide quality employee training to their teams. We are changing that at Manageroo with affordable, top- notch L&D for small businesses." 
Manageroo has an expert for everything: from DEI specialists to programmers to management coaches. We leaned on them heavily during the pandemic and experienced unprecedented growth in every strategic area.
Alexandria Harris | President, Andrew Goodman Foundation

What makes our customer's happy

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Expert Guidance

Your L&D Manager is a Strategic Partner in implementing the best learning courses, trainings, policies and practices for your team.

Hassle-free Planning

We manage all aspects of planning training, coaching, and rewards, including the logistics of hiring third-party vendors.

Quality Reporting

No need to wonder if you are making an impact, we provide quarterly reporting on the results of your efforts.

Friendly Responsive Support

We are an extension of your team and will be available by phone call, email, and chat.
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