The easy way to make your team smile

Build a world-class culture

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We'll partner with you to create a comprehensive plan for professional development and employee engagement.

Plan Live Training
and Coaching

Don't let long search hours prevent you from providing the expertise needed to do good work.  We'll plan it for you.
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Send amazing gifts
and perks

Whether your team is remote or in the office, we'll help you send the most creative gifts to show your appreciation.
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Plan amazing Team Experiences in Office or Offsite

Go beyond Happy Hour to other amazing experiences for your team without the hassle of planning. We've got it covered.
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Create a customized Digital Training System

We'll support you to set up a learning management system that takes your employee orientation and essential training programs digital.
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Work with Vetted Trainers & Coaches

We conduct a three-step screening process to onboard experts. We only choose the best for your projects.
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Let us help you make 87% of your team happier today!

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According to Gallup, 87% of employees* rate professional or career growth and development opportunities as important to them in a job. We make it easy for you to provide quality staff and professional development programs to your team. From developing your policies and procedures to leading implementation projects, your Chief Happiness Officer can make your vision reality, faster.
*Millennials, Gallup, “Millennials Want Jobs to Be Development Opportunities”
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Provide Consistent Employee Engagement Without the hassle.

We make it easy for your team to share what they want to learn and collaborate with you to delight them in ways that matter.
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Get  a dedicated person 100% focused  on Team Satisfaction

Your  Chief Happiness Officer will complete monthly tasks to ensure the team is engaged with training, coaching, experiences
and rewards.
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Say Goodbye to complex vendor search and logistics

Save hours of scrolling UpWork or Fiverr marketplaces for the right match. We provide a vetted expert and we handle the vendor agreements and payment for you.
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What makes our Customers Happy

Consistent Employee Engagement is too hard to do while managing other aspects of leadership. We've made it easy!

Expert Guidance

Your Chief Happiness Officer is a Strategic Partner in implementing the best policies and practices for your team.

Unlimited Planning Requests

Delegate your employee engagement, training, and reward tasks.

Friendly Responsive Support

We are an extension of your team and will be available by phone call, email, and chat.

Fresh Solution to Team Issues

We are your partner in finding the best innovations to solve issues that impact your team.

No Hassle Planning

We manage all aspects of planning training, coaching, and rewards, including the logistics of hiring
third-party vendors.

Quality Reporting

No need to wonder if you are making an impact, we provide quarterly reporting on the results of your efforts.

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What Our Happy Partners Say

Recommendations from satisfied buyers or experts that affirm the value of a product or service.

Lakythia Ferby

Executive Director | Strive International

Manageroo is a terrific partner! The services they provide have been stellar. All of the training is well-curated and highly rated by the team. I would highly recommend their services to help leaders invest in staff development and improving performance.

Keith Fiveson, M.Div, CPC

Founder | Work Mindfulness

Manageroo is one of those rare companies that understand the importance of seamless customer interactions so well- they've really thought things through to make sure everything goes smoothly with just about anything their customers need assistance with!

Lizzie Grobbel

Founder | Happiness Challenge

Working with Manageroo as a mindfulness expert has been invigorating. From the productive initial discussions with the Manageroo team to the pre-event briefing on the client's needs to the well-facilitated events that Manageroo consistently provides - it was all positive. Now that I've joined the Manageroo expert network, I truly couldn't imagine being a freelance expert without their support.

Alexandria Harris

President | Andrew Goodman Foundation

With the unwavering support of Manageroo, we thrived through the most challenging year that our organization has ever experienced. Manageroo has an expert for everything: from DEI specialists to programmers to management coaches. We leaned on them heavily during the pandemic and experienced unprecedented growth in every strategic area.They created a customized experience for us and became members of our team seamlessly. I cannotsay enough great things about Mangeroo. They even made true believers out of our skeptical and demanding Board!

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