When it comes to business, workplace diversity provides incredible benefits for companies and workers alike. From a 35% increase in financial performance to happier, more energized teams, inclusion lifts up everyone.

But there is more to inclusion than hiring diverse individuals. True inclusivity is about creating an environment in which all employees can thrive, and improving cultural awareness is a huge part of that. With 24 million Hispanic workers in the United States, the Hispanic/Latinx community is poised to become a key driver of workplace inclusion and success in the coming year.

So, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, begin practicing culture awareness with one simple question, "What is the difference between Hispanic and Latinx identities?

The term Hispanic has sparked much debate over what groups it includes since its inception but generally speaking it includes anyone whose ancestors come from Spain or Latin American Spanish-speaking countries. The term Latinx is a gender-neutral form of the word Latino or Latina and refers to a person with cultural ties to Latin America. This distinction is important to know when engaging in the community. As a leader, you can support your team members by asking and learning from team members who identify as either Hispanic, Latin@, or Latinx which term they prefer. The question will provide a wonderful opportunity to connect to the person joining your team.

This week we are sharing a wonderful resource for those in your staff who identify as Hispanic/Latin@/Latinx.

And in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are featuring three apps created or managed by Latinx developers that will help make your workplace more welcoming, inclusive, and successful for all the members of your team.

World Customs and Cultures App

Modern business leaders can expect to partner with individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities throughout their careers.

And while open mindedness and inclusivity are central to building an inclusive workplace, cultural misunderstandings may still arise.

Thankfully, there is the World Customs and Cultures app.

While the name of the app may sound a bit academic, World Customs and Cultures is a fun, fascinating, and practical business tool.

Using the Seven Dimensions of Culture model, this app offers in depth information on the values and communication styles of over 140 countries.

Not only is this app great for those who engage in international travel, it’s valuable for those who work in cross cultural teams.

For example, the app’s Practitioner Mode compares your personal profile with the cultural profile of the nationality with which you are working. This comparison can help you to see differences in communication style, dress, gender roles and philosophy, before they can lead to workplace confusion.

Available for iPhone, World Customs and Cultures also provides over 8,000 situational tips which can be searched by keyword, in order to help you better plan cross cultural meetings.

An app that increases cultural fluency in the workplace? Now that’s a winning idea!


Bilingual workplaces are more attractive to diverse candidates, and can be more welcoming of language differences. Furthermore, familiarity with other languages can make job candidates more desirable in the job market.

But foreign language programs can be intimidating for adult learners.

Enter, Doulingo!

Doulingo is a fun, free language app that helps users learn a new language in five minutes a day.

Over 200 million users have used this platform, which draws on scientific data regarding memory, language processing, and visual learning.

But even though this is a serious language learning app, used in schools and offices, it’s remarkably fun, using cute visuals and learning games to encourage participation.

Available for Apple and Android, Duolingo features immediate grading, and rewards users with virtual coins to purchase new levels and activities.

Not only is Duolingo an easy and accessible way to learn Spanish or English, it features numerous other languages, including Chinese, Arabic, French, and Hebrew, so the learning never stops.

Best of all, it’s free, helping to break down barriers without breaking the bank!


In the work from home era, services like Slack have become a popular way to bring teams together. But what about teams with language barriers?

Without the benefit of context, non-native English speakers may be left in the dark in work related text messages and group chats.

While Pronto offers many of the same communication features as other remote working platforms, including instant messaging and project sharing, it also offers the benefit of message translation.

This simple feature can help improve information flow and collaboration in diverse environments, and bring cross cultural teams together, regardless of distance.

Whether you choose Pronto, Duolingo, or World Customs and Cultures, to add inclusivity to your workplace, we think your team will love them!

Happy Tasking!

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