There is a famous expression, “Great minds think alike.” But, according to research, the truth may be just the opposite.

Workplace diversity, and the unique opinions and perspectives it brings, is a key driver of workplace success. In fact, companies with higher-than-average diversity also have 19% higher innovation revenues.

Furthermore, most employees want to work for a diverse company, with 67% of job seekers listing workplace diversity as an important factor when considering a job.

But what can business tools and software solutions actually do to increase diversity? Apparently, a lot!

Below are three easy-to-use software solutions that can help make your office more diverse, and more successful!


Textio is a software platform designed to help companies write clearer, more fluid job descriptions. Its database includes language models from the successful job postings of over 10,000 companies. Using these patterns, and a predictive algorithm, Textio helps generate suggested language and content based on similar, popular, job postings.

However, that isn’t the end of Textio’s ability. It can also identify implicit bias in the language of job postings, immediately recommending alternative descriptions that are more welcoming to diverse audiences.

This new, inclusivity-driven, approach to job descriptions will help your company better attract diverse candidates into the hiring pool – the first step to building a truly welcoming workplace.

But Textio definitely isn’t the only diversity and inclusion software solution on the market!


So, what’s in a name? Actually, quite a bit.

Names can provide hints to an applicant’s age, cultural heritage and even financial background.

But Blendoor is a blind recruiting app that helps combat unconscious bias in the hiring process. To assist with “blind recruiting” Blendoor removes the name, age, and photo from any application materials, ensuring that candidate screening is based entirely on qualification.

Additionally, Blendoor tracks the diversity of its partner companies, sharing that information with candidates.

Is your company still working to build diversity?

That’s okay. Blendoor also helps clients seek diverse candidates by placing their recruitment messages in front of diverse job seekers.

8 and Above

Aside from job postings and recruiting, there’s another key aspect of building a diverse workplace to consider – interviewing!

Introducing 8 and Above.

This interviewing platform does much more than facilitate remote discussions.

With built-in, science-backed analysis, this software solution reads the body language of candidates and interviewers, providing reports and recommendations for improvement.

Additionally, this program can detect implicit bias through the interviewer conduct and assess the comfort level of the interviewee.

In this way, 8 and Above can help organizational leaders get a clearer picture of the interviewing experience of diverse candidates, and what interviewer behaviors require additional coaching.

Furthermore, this video platform provides evaluations of candidate personality traits based on interview content and candidate body language, boosting the emotional intelligence of hiring managers, and improving the likelihood of making the right hiring choice.

When combined, these three diversity and inclusion tools offer businesses the potential to recognize unconscious bias, develop a more inclusive recruiting culture, and build the diverse, engaged workforce they need to succeed.

Happy Tasking!

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