You’ve heard the expression, “Work Hard, Play Harder.”

At Manageroo, we couldn’t agree more.

We know you put in long hours to succeed. And there’s no time better to play than a holiday recognizing hard workers, just like you.

According to Business News Daily, 97% of American employers allow some, or all, of their staff to take some time off for Labor Day.

Whether you want to Netflix for the weekend or hike, bike, or swim, these apps and platforms will help you relax like a boss.


Yonder is a free app, available for Android and iPhone, that connects outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels with those who share their interests.

And with a following of over a million members, you are bound to expand your social network while having a blast.

But Yonder is more than just a friend finding solution.

Allowing users to share geo-located images and videos from over 200,000 locations around the globe, Yonder lets fans of outdoor fun discover nearby trails and resources, while networking with fellow hikers, explorers, and lovers of the great outdoors.

You can even follow the activity streams of others users.

Exercise and social connection - what’s not to love?          


While you were hiking a new trail, you spotted an Instagram-worthy flower. But what is it?

You could spend your day scrolling through Google images, hoping to find the right one. Or, you could download Leafsnap!

This free app allows users to quickly and easily identity flowers, trees and plants by just snapping a quick photo.

Thinking about tasting a wild berry? You can even identify fruit!

You can browse images of local flora and fauna, to see what types of plants call your community home, or you can use the Nearby Species feature to see what flowers and plants have been identified by other Leafsnap users in your area.

Available for iPhone and Android, this educational app has a beautiful, easy-to-use interface that will help you feel like a master gardener in no time.

Might as well stop and smell the roses!

Dark Sky

You’re probably thinking “Don’t I already have a weather app on my phone?” Well, you don’t have one quite like this!

Dark Sky provides “hyperlocal” forecasts, which means it doesn’t just tell you that it will rain in your city, it can tell you when it will rain exactly where you are standing.

With Dark Sky, available for iPhone, you can plan the perfect round of golf, or time your Labor Day cookout to perfection, without worrying about weather interference.

In fact, Business Insider gave the app rave reviews for its up-to-the-minute forecasts, which are valuable for personal and professional planning.

And for only $3.99 it seems like a great investment to make sure it never rains on your parade.

No matter what apps you choose, there are some fantastic solutions to help you make the most of your precious free time.

We think you’ve earned it. Don’t you?

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